Membership Costs - Part 2:

The second part of the cost of flying in the club is required participation and work to support the flying operation.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

..... Helping maintain the equipment and property
..... Washing the aircraft
..... Getting the aircraft out to the operation site for the day *
..... Getting the aircraft back in the hangar when flying is finished *
..... Ground handling the aircraft & assisting on take-offs
..... Keeping the Log sheet
..... Serving as daily Operations Chief (when qualified)
..... Instructing (if qualified)
..... Towing gliders (if qualified)
..... Any number of things that always need to be done
..... Helping with the annual spring clean-up
..... Helping with the Fall Round-Up Invitational Glider Meet

* One of these is expected of all members each day they fly.


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